This example of the development of the Luisenburg logo very vividly conveys the complex work of the designer. Here the idea was born almost playfully.

I first chose a meaningful, distinctive and stable font as a basis. The “Neutraface Bold” seemed ideal for this. To make the logo look even more compact, I duplicated the lettering as a second line underneath to achieve more height. To make the whole picture more exciting, I moved the individual letters on the Y-axis. I liked this shifting effect very much, so I intensified it even more. I was looking for bridges, for example by two letters lying on top of each other, which could be replaced by a single one. Here it was important not to lose the legibility.

For the generic Luisenburg logo, I chose strong green tones that reflect the surroundings (forest stage). I associated the play with “red” because you have the red carpet, the red seats and especially the red curtain on the stage in your head. Musicals have something magical, mostly great sound and light effects in different shades of blue. For the Luisenburg-Kids I chose colourful, child-friendly colours, which together look very playful.

In order to appear even more topic-related, I developed an additional possibility to respond to the current play, musical or children’s play: With the defined colours and a point grid, current sequences can be integrated into the writing in an artistic way. This stylistic device can also be used digitally as a one-pager or for outdoor advertising.

generic green


secondary green


musical primary


musical secondary blue


act primary red


act secondary red







Program used
  • Adobe InDesign CC 2019
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2019
  • Illustration
  • Branding